неделя, 9 март 2014 г.

Sea impression 6

The moon is lifting slowly its decorated crown
Of melted gold and silver " feel the air so cold
The sky swims peacefully in nights eyes
As if the ocean`s spirit reflects the heavens light
My soul is frozen, wished to have you by my side…

-- nour --

Sea impression 5

The sea drops craving in silver and blue
Splashes to the solid rocks…the fingers
Of the water move on them with love,
Eternal is the sea, constant is the ground
Just we are whirling, swimming in the
Life as little fishes made of many colors
Different clay, our water element glow.

-- nour --

Sea impression 4

We stand together on the beach,
on the right side soaring the rocks,
on the left side " the messy sea cost,
Behind us the sand volley ball team "
In front of me- dolphins joyfully dancing
In the air, shining seahorse in sun beams…

-- nour --

Sea impression 3

Little transparent jelly fish
Yellow- white "blue,
The sea is breathing as if
In a big bowl of glass 
With the eternal nature
Instinct of surviving…

I`m moving to the line
of the blushed sunset 
sparkling in crimson red -
calling me to swim so far
to the blurred horizon light.

-- nour --
august -013


I love to taste your salty kiss
And your tongue on my lips,
Until I feel the thrill to be
with a sea octopus as you,
your tentacles wrapped tight
around my surreal fish tail.

-- nour ---

Sea Impression 2

Blue green foam reflect the sun light

As you are watching the waves
 In a chasing lovers game, you hear
The sweet sea symphony and chorus
Of sweet mermaids, see the milky
White skin of my breasts, while
I swim...you`ll look to me closer
And closer, until your eyes become
Hypnotized by my magical whirling
tail of nymph. i`m not fantasy, but

real lover of the sea, dancing foam-
come and take me in your dream…

-- nour --
august -013

Sea Impression 1

With the salty kiss of the sea

the sun blushed in

crimson innocent down

horizon sparkling smile.

-- nour --