четвъртък, 27 ноември 2014 г.

Eva -8-

The sorrow grips my senses
I`m drinking from the poisonous apple,
Now my eyes are suddenly opened for
The new light of the earth, and my mind,
Still dull, expecting punishment of hell.
In my innocence I never knew,
What is that Time, and space, heaven and hell.
Truly I was living in Eden?

My body has tempting curves,
And my skin is so soft,
My hair has the color of wheat…
My eyes seem like mirrors of lake,
Just in this sadness I could notice that!
Oh, Adam, you will adore my new essence
Of woman and Goddess of love!

Since than my price will be
To suffer birth pains and ages
To go, my life is not an endless joy,
But as a lonely flower I`ll grow…
From the knowledge apple seed
Spreads its shining spirit inside me.

-- nour --

Eva -7-

The snake: Since the end of the times,
I`m dreaming for this trap, the children
Of God to tempt and possess with my
Evil plan!
But who allow me here to crawl?
The tree of knowledge has all the power
In world, but God can not order it
Where to grow…

-- nour --

Eva -6-

Eva is looking at him…
Oh, what a strange feeling arose "
His body is naked, and see him now!
Adam : Oh what sweetness in her
Shiny skin, why I feel my body is longing
To embrace her in sin?

Eva : man, don`t look to me like that!
I realize I have a tasty breasts…
I`ll hide from you with nature leaf,
How much you changed, who would believe!

Adam : Oh, woman, just go away from
My sight! As I`m ill from longing to drink
Your juice as a tangerine fruit, dreaming 
to take you in my arms so tight!

Eva : I have to run! here  won`t stay
This star night…

:: nour ::

Eva -5-

And suddenly…
The darkness in the sky
Thunder once more the
Voice of master
Full of anger, sadness and
“What have you done!
Children of Eden
Not knowing shame in my
Fantasy realm 
I`ve loved you all the time,
Why this that fruit?
Was for you forbidden 
Did you forget?

Eva : dear master, we are
The one to regret, please forgive us!

No, not forgiveness, but punishment
Forever you will accept!

-- nour --

Eva -4-

Her gentle naked arm,
With color of the peach,
Stretched in the sun
To the magical fruit of freedom,
in her eyes - curiosity,
on her lips - lust,
on her tongue - desire
to taste the forbidden.
Time and tree were frozen,
No sound, no voice of bird,
No slightest move from above.

-- nour --

Eva -3-

There is a mystery out there,
Please, come fast Adam!
Where are you lost?
- I`m hidden in the grass,
behind you, following your
every step, like in the past.

-Come here, crazy boy
and see the hypnotizing light
of the tree…
- No! Not this one! Don`t
dare to touch it! Deep sadness
and misfortune are in its leaves.
- But I just can`t resist! did
you listen whisper? Oh, lovely
creature in golden green!
- Don`t dare, against the will
of our Master!
Snake: who is He? Have you
Seen his face delightful?

-never, we just listen to his voice
like thunder in the heavens…

-- nour --

Eva -2

Under the radiant tree
The time was frozen
She was standing still breathless
Just her green eyes fixed on the fruits
Maybe it was an apple, pear,
Peach, pomegranate...who could say?
Eva longed to touch its soft surface
To taste its juicy nectar, even though
She possessed the Paradise,
Was she really happy in this time?

:: nour ::
August -013