Sunday, 7 December 2014

Bhai -2- भाई

Give me just one innocent touch,

My lovely sister of compassion "
I just need your blushed cheeks
Like an apple in time of harvest
To caress them as the feather
Fondled by gentle wind,
Don’t step back, don’t go away!
Leave me just a little innocent kiss
My lovely sister of memories,
to refresh my blurred senses
to feel the warm sun of your heart.
Leave me just an innocent kiss
On your honey lips,
Kissed so many times by your lover
To melt in your sweet nectar
Endlessly longing for your look,
My lovely sister of childhood,
To hold you in an innocent hug
As I`m your bhai from land of sugar cane
Where the vast lakes merge with horizon...
I want only that from you,
Is my desire not innocent?

© n.nour
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Bhai, भाई

We are both not from this world,
my brother of fate, my bhai
my heart roaming high in the angel purple down,
your eyes looking piercingly to discover mine
your world is there, but both we are in the same side
the same universe and sorrow of life, we are two birds
in cage and wanting to fly, while our wings are bleeding
my lips reflecting your thirst and need to have me,
my cheeks with sign of blush adored by you as the sun,
your cage is there, but we both are in the same side...
Melting in my look, sweet pain of desire in you, 
igniting the fire and love, I`m the last saved bird 
with white feathers of light, yet still closed 

when you`ll take me from here, my bhai of fate? 

© n.nour

Poor dreamer -2-

You`ll beg me on your knees
as beggar in front of statue of ice
you`ll have tears in your eyes,
even senseless, even so weak…
and then I`ll stretch my hand
of loveless fingers and cold
and will wrap my white dress
around you, and make you my slave.

© n.nour

Poor dreamer

I`m a colorful snake,
Wrapped around your neck
You`ll suffocate, no grasp of breath
Why you didn’t understand
When you see me so innocent
Like a little butterfly roaming high…
I`m not like that, I just drink your love
Until your blood is gone and fade away..
I want to drink all you, please don’t mistake
I don’t love you…and never will belong to you
As I`m for my brother and myself.
I`m not a girl, but water serpent…
With me you play a dangerous game
With no end for your addiction
And long ago, my heart was frozen.
The more you come closer, the more
Your close to death, you poor dreamer!

© n.nour

Milky Sky -2-

The home grown chrysanthemum
Wilted " it was dry from the air and sun
Birds coming to my balcony are gone,
I lived in other times and spaces "
When I look to mirror, I recognize
One little girl from porcelain.

© n.nour

Meditation -5-

Sun is burning fire
When you come too close
The heat is a red core
Your blood can run
So fast through days
Until the rain comes
And wash your fears away.

© n.nour

Meditation -4-

From the sky above
Like feathers light fall
The tears of angels
In all harmony and love
They protect us from danger,
to be with white soul,
to see the signs of flood
to know the time comes
and fly away from home. 

© n.nour